Tuesday, November 10, 2009

God's Way for God's People, part 2

As happens any time you make a strong statement in a public forum, I drew fire with yesterday's post. Read the comments

Here's the point. 

If you educate God's way, you are better off. 
If you choose to homeschool, you are better off doing it God's way.
If you spend your money God's way, you are better off. 
If you worship God the way he prescribed, you are better off. 
If you nourish your body God's way, you are better off. 
If you train up your children God's way, you are better off. 
If you attend the church of God's choice, you are better off. 
If you choose your friends God's way, you are better off. 
If you spend your time God's way, you are better off. 

Not better.  Better off. 

Homeschooling is not the salvation of our children's souls.  Homeschooling does not give me a guarantee that my kids will be saved, sanctified, and serving the Lord.  But I can see it from here.

Not better.  Better off.


  1. Haven't been here in ages - been sick and away and sick, but just wanted to say howdy.



  2. Wonderfully said! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I went to public school but that way back in the 70's! My children went to public school and again that was a long time ago. If I had to do it over again, I would not send my children to public school now. I thank you for writting about all the reasons that I would do things differently now. Lynn Marie

  4. Great (couple of) posts. I tell my college students, who are mostly online students, that in an environment where we are limited to only our mastery of words, it is so easy to misuse a word or have it misinterpreted. We lose the ability to gather other information from tone of voice, facial expressions, body language. So it's easy to get into scrapes like this.

    During a point of despair with the oldest on last year, her father and I considered, albeit briefly, as a means of giving her a taste of the "real world." We both quickly realized, for all the reasons you names and then some, that we simply needed to back up, take deep breaths, pray, and then step forward. It has worked in marvelous ways. Minus that dreadful science class I pointed out, we are having a tremendous year. Look as if you are, too, in the midst of being crazy busy.

    God bless you!


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