Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Homophone Fun

UPDATE:  The good people at Freely Educate are giving away two copies (one paperback, one e-book) of All About Homophones!  Head over there to enter three times!

This mourning eye found a fun sight, All About Homophones. Ewe can type inn a paragraph and halve awl thee appropriate words converted two there homophones.  This mite make a fun exorcise four thee kids -- they can dew thee proofreading and put inn awl thee write spellings. 

My girls awl just took off on a little mourning run down thee street, something two get thee blood moving.  Wee just finished with hour ladies coffee our, during witch wee are still reading from Deuteronomy, Trappers and Traders, and thee Yearling.  Wee are coming up two thee chapter wear Penny Baxter trades his worthless dog honestly four a vary gneiss rifle.  Hee hee.  Its a good won, and eye hope after this, thee girls will bee convinced wee knead two keep reading.  Its a sloe-moving book, butt good, as much as I've red sew far.

Well, ewe awl halve a grate day today.  I'll bee back as soon as life has something exciting two report, oar when my brain comes up with something else -- whichever happens first.


  1. Oh, how fun is that! It puts those critical thinking Editor-in-Chief books out of date now, doesn't it. We will have to try that sometime. You guys come up with some of the neatest stuff!

  2. that was so great!

    or should I say.... that was sew grate!

    thanks for posting it :)

  3. Well, you got me with that one. I started reading it and thought, what'd I miss, what's she mourning? :-P

  4. That is a neat site!

    It is good that you check your kids e-mail. My mom does too!

    My mom is AlethiaAcademy. She does not blog as much as I do.

    Right now I am wishing I did not live in MN. It has been below 0 for a week. No kidding.

    But at least the summer isn't so hot.

    Thanks for the comment on my soap box blog!



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