Friday, January 30, 2009

Art With Grammy -- Gustav Klimt

I love a visit to or from from my parents for many reasons, but one of them is that my mom loves to show the girls something artsy each time we are together.  Art is not one of my strong areas.  I enjoy beauty, and I enjoy art that is worth looking at, if you know what I mean -- I have little appreciation for abstract stuff that needs interpretation. Furthermore, I have little expertise in the technical aspects of art -- the doing of it.  Mom, however, has all kinds of info to share, and the expertise to go with it. 

Several days ago three of the girls did a project after the style of Gustav Klimt.  (I don't know who he is  -- use caution if you explore Google for his stuff.) Mom brought along a great display on the artist, complete with bio, methods, and examples of his work.  Unfortunately my the photo of the display is terribly out of focus, so I will just post some of its components here:

First the girls drew some fancy patterns and colored them in:

Then they cut a face shape out of brown paper and cut the patterns they made into shapes of clothing and hats:

Voilá!  A little bit of culture added to our school life.


  1. wow - your kids look like they are having fun!

    sorry i don't stop by much anymore. I'm trying to get better at it. what do you think about AZ in the superbowl! Everywhere I go people are wearing shirts and stuff!


  2. Oh, that is so nice, your own art teacher - maybe she could swing by our place for a lesson too. I put art on the weekly sechdule, but I think we have only done it twice this year so far. (sigh) Not a high priority here.


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