Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Through the Magic Mirror

Does anyone remember the name of the lady teacher in the old morning program "Romper Room"?  It was a really hokey program.  The lady would look into her magic mirror and see all the boys and girls in TV-land who were watching.  She would greet them, and when your child heard his name, he would think she was looking at him through the television. (Were we who were little kids back then really that dumb?  Mine aren't...)  Well, that is who I am today. I am the Romper Room lady.  I really like that Neocounter on my right side-bar.  I want to sit here with my magic mirror and say, "I see you, Iceland! Welcome to the Romper Room, India. Oh, and there's Canada -- so glad you are with us today!  And China and Germany and Denmark, oh! And there's South Africa and Venezuela!  How nice of you to join us!" Now I just wish all these visitors would say Hello!


  1. It's ok Sally, soon Pastor will take you away for a little trip. You can watch the pretty trees go by. You can see the birdies flying around. It will be ok...


    Hee Hee...

  2. I remeber the show well...and there were several teachers. I think one of them was Miss Marie. Now do you remember her little sing song thing with the Mirror ?

    "Romper, bomper, stomper boo

    tell me , tell me , tell me do

    tell me Magic Mirror, tell me today

    did all my friends have fun at play ? "

    Or how about this jingle

    "I try to do whats right

    I never do any thing wrong

    I'm a romper room doo bee

    a doo bee all day long"

    I think those will be suck in my 49 year old brain for all eternity

  3. I think her name varied by region. If I remember right the one in Kansas where I grew up was Miss Nancy. Oh, I just had to Google it! LOL Here is a link to some interesting info on Romper Room!


    You know we only had 3 channels back then and this was the ONLY kid show on during the week. Sesame Street finally came along when I was 5. We got PBS the day it 1st aired! We were not as sophisticated as TV watching kids are today! Sometimes I think it was better for us!


  4. Funny that you mentioned romper room. My husband and I just told the children about the show the other day! I loved Romper Room because my name, Angela, was always called, and I always wanted to know how she saw me!!

  5. Oh yes, I remember Romper Room & have told the girls about it with the little phrase, but I remember it a little differently - maybe it's my memory. I remember a Miss Nancy too. My favorite was Captain Kangaroo though.

  6. I just may have to get one. Those are fun.



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