Saturday, April 28, 2018

Recalled to Life

I forgot all about this post! If I knew when it happened, I could put it in order. Must be about four years ago. Posting for memories' sake.
Our friend, Winter, at the Minnesota History Center
Wow, what a week! All the activity coincided with El Grande Allergy Headache, but I couldn't let that thing stop us from experiencing some fun,educational stuff. The snow isn't even gone, and the allergens are out already. You would think that Minnesota could have one nice month without snow, bugs, or allergens, wouldn't you? No. That is not reality. We must have at least snow, bugs, or allergens, or this would not be Minnesota. But we love it, right?

The maple sap started running earlier this week, and we were invited to see our friends' syrup operation. I expected we were going to see something like Ma Ingalls' big syrup cauldron boiling away over an open fire. That mental image was shattered by the more modern method. The sap was collected and poured into a large vat that was sunk into a makeshift wood stove.
Collecting sap.

View of MN State Capitol from History Center
Breaking up the Minnesota prairie with "oxen"
Happy miners on the Iron Range

Enjoying a good old fashioned soda fountain

Celebrity Betz returning from long journey, c. 1950
Alison and her friend, Grace, getting ready for a ride in the snow/slush/mud

Driving the four-wheeler to pick up sap buckets

Amy's first attempt at chopping wood.  I think she broke off a little chunk. :)

Emily making friends with Henny

Shooting the .22.  Emily needs longer arms!

My turn.  Haven't shot a gun since I was... nine?

Enthusiastic moms conduct rabbit dissection.  Kids not so enthusiastic. :)

Rabbit's dismembered body, donated to science.  Can you identify the organs?

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