Wednesday, August 7, 2013

No, this is not one of those "how many things can you find wrong with this picture" puzzles.  I can already spot about twenty -- don't tell me.

We have a house guest for the next few days, a neighbor girl who HATES day care. :)  Emily, big-hearted as she is, thought it would be much nicer for her friend to spend her time with a real family than to go to a day-care center. And I agreed. I feel bad for kids in day care. So we have Autumn, and we'll see if these girls still like each other at the end of the day. :) 

It's only 10:00 am, and already they need suggestions about what to do. Here they are making Wacky Cake, the one where you put vinegar and oil and vanilla into the dry ingredients already in the pan, add water, and stir it all together. We added some chocolate chips, of course. What is dessert without chocolate chips? And now there is a huge mess on the kitchen table, a mixture of spilled flour and cocoa, a dribble of oil, and lots of cake batter. This is something that would normally stress me out, but you know what? It only took 15 seconds to wipe it all up. :)  I'm improving.

Okay, cake's in the oven, and it's now 10:32.  What else can we do? 

It's a long time 'til 5:00...

(I think I need an imagination!)


  1. That is very sweet of Emily. I dislike daycare, too. I think the cake sounds yummy! I hope that the rest of the day went well.

  2. Very nice. I'm sure Emily is having fun no matter what. Let's see, you could take them to WM twice a day every day, just like us ladies do. haha


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