Thursday, February 7, 2013

Finally I have my older children back.  It's looking like it is past time for me to be calling them children, however.

Alison and Amy spent the past three days and four nights parenting seven little darlings under the age of twelve.  My girls are now ready to be full-time mommies.  Maybe I should have waited to allow them to do this job when they were closer to motherhood, for what shall they do until then?  :)  I know.  We'll hire them out as nannies.  But only in our neighborhood.  I don't want them too far away!

I loved hearing how they trained the eleven-month-old to quit grabbing his bowl, the two-year-old to stop a tantrum, and the eleven-year-old to eat his salad. The baby only tricked the girls once into getting up at 3:00 am. The children had their school work, chores, and music practice done before lunch time. Keeping the house picked up promoted a peaceful atmosphere. Early bedtimes kept little ones from being cranky and unmanageable. Healthy, whole wheat homemade play-dough kept the children busy, happy, and creative for an entire afternoon. A sibling camp-out was allowed in the family room on the last night. Alison, who at one time shrank in fear from cooking, threw some supper ingredients together and twice turned out culinary masterpieces. One child requested sixths!

My two girls, who are total opposites, complement each other perfectly. Alison enjoyed being the boss, motivating the children to work, cooking for a crowd, and keeping the home and its residents in order. Amy spent the time playing with the children, doing the crafty stuff, cuddling and pretending. If we could combine these two girls into one woman, she would be the perfect mom! I don't know where they learned this stuff.  I wish I could say I taught it to them, but that would not be true, unless it was that they have learned from me how NOT to be a mom. I don't think that is entirely the case, either. This is a perfect example of God undertaking for your kids when you can't do it all, and even when you don't want to do it all.  I am so grateful to him for the work he is doing in their hearts and lives. And I am grateful to these children's parents for teaching them to be kind and compliant, because this experience has helped to reinforce Alison and Amy's desire for a large family. 

Now that they have been home a few hours, both girls miss "their" children.  :)  

And I am sure going to miss mine when they are gone.


  1. i'm glad you posted this. loved hearing about the girls' experience at playing/being mom(s). they're braver than me (I?).

  2. Sally, your girls are precious.
    A couple of days ago while taking a walk in the ravine I thought of Amy as I observed the fresh acorn crop on the forest floor :-).
    And just this AM while learning about caves, we came across this video (a cave in Minn.).
    All that to say, you've been in our thoughts!
    Blessings, Julie

  3. "The children had their school work, chores, and music practice done before lunch time." Can I borrow them sometime?

  4. Sally, thanks so much for commenting at my poor neglected blog-site! Lillie got her letter from Betsy today and was thrilled. It's so wonderful to hear she has a heart for those that are elderly. We spend a lot of time visiting my mom and its refreshing to know that there are young people that recognize this part of our society needs company like everyone else.
    I'm including the link to the news story you asked about:
    Have a wonderfully blessed weekend! Julie

  5. So glad everything went well, I'm sure it was a blessing all the way around.


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