Thursday, August 16, 2012

Busy Busy

We've had company for the past few days, very FUN company. Friends from Kansas who threatened to come and see us for the past eight years finally came through!  This house was absolutely a busy place.  Our three older girls had a full-time supervisory job, and they were fantastic!  One of my girls, who has always wanted to have twelve children, may have changed her mind about that number after spending every waking moment with twin six-year-olds.  :)   
Quote:  "I am a trouble-maker, and I make BIG MESSES, but I won't do that here, because I love you guys!"
(Thank God for love!)
I realize the background of this photo appears to be some sort of prison cell.  That is not the case, though there were a few times...  just kidding.

Next week the older girls go to camp and my parents arrive for a week-long stay with us at a cabin somewhere north of here.  After that, more beloved company.  I do have most of our school curriculum ordered for the coming year, but the questions is, when will we do it?  Life is just so full and good.  :)


  1. Hey, Stranger!! I saw this face originally and thought, "Wow! I've not been here in a LONG time--she snuck one in on me!! HA HA!!" So glad to hear that things are well, and that you're enjoying yourself. All that company sounds overwhelming, says the introvert, but it looks as if you're having a great time. Be blessed!!

  2. Glad to see you could come up for air. So glad you are having fun with good friends. Enjoy!

  3. Sounds like things are just flowing along wonderfully in the northern country. So happy for you, Sally! Enjoy your parents' visit, and school? School-schshmool. :)

  4. School will always be there! It's wonderful that you have so many visitors. Twin boys would be an adventure, especially since you all are used to girls.

  5. I love those moments when we get to look around and see how blessed we really are.


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