Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Does a Mother's Helper Do?

Alison and Amy have been working as mother's helpers to two moms.  Here is a partial list of their job description so far.  It's a wonderful education!

read out loud
wipe noses
change diapers
paint walls
make supper
developmental therapy
mop floors
teach homeschool 
crowd control
fold diapers
wipe vomit up in the car
wash bedding
do the shopping
memorize Bible verses
hold the baby
fabric shopping
make lunch
give piggy back rides
make smoothies
sooth savage creatures
make curtains
make breakfast
teach music

And they LOVE IT!  Amy is a bit jealous that her sister has somehow landed all the fun shopping jobs with the cartload of children.  I'm sure it will even out.  This is one of their happy bunches of kids, at Sam's Club:

Did you count six?  There are six.  In about three weeks, make that seven. :)


  1. Grace would be good at this job. About how much does one ask for, money-wise? I have no clue what to ask for.

  2. I was a mother's helper for a few months. It was a lot of fun. My own list of tasks looked much like that, only you can add "milk the cow" onto the end of it. :P

  3. Wow what a way to develop home making skills! Great job.

  4. Other than the 'wiping up vomit in the car' I'll bet my girls would love ti too. :-)
    What a wonderful experience for them (and it sounds like that mama could use all the help she can get now - if she's anything like I was in my last month of pregnancy.)


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