Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pants Armstrong Faces Off to Winter

It's official.  Pants Armstrong and Winter are now in competition.

On Winter's side:
freezing temps
blowing snow

Most people would be deterred by the incumbent's advantages.
Not Pants Armstrong.

On the cyclist's side:
military issue polypropylene long undies
waterproof jacket
balaclava (not to be confused with baklava)
wool hat

a winner's attitude!

May the most worthy opponent win!  (My personal favorite would be Pants Armstrong.)


  1. Bwaahaha! He just had to go out & bike I see. What is Pants going to do when it really gets cold -- how much more can one bundle up? Good for him. Jeff got a call from Dave Larson (the bike shop owner) and was asked to help x-country ski trail clear again that's where he's been. Then after we got the girls, we spent some time in the sauna haus - 110° felt great. Need more snow to snow shoe else one would look silly.

  2. My Jeff went out on a ride today, sans snow. But he had goggles on and I had to laugh. I probably should not have laughed, huh? Anyway, the wind, oh the wind! It is a brute this time of year. He managed to beat the rain, though.

  3. So sorry you have so much snow. Hope Pants got some hot coco when he got home.

  4. Love it! When I first met my husband ( 32 years ago) there was a few feet of snow on the gound..he was wearing shorts, hiking boots with wool socks, a wool sweater and a down jacket. He use to be a bike racer ( 10 speed type) and rode in every kind of weather as well.

  5. AWESOME! What's the unemployment rate like up that way? DH said he'd be willing to move for a job! (he's been out of work 6 months) Looks like fun!!! I ♥♥♥ snow!


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