Friday, October 7, 2011

Just a Little Lefse

As we now live in the land of Scandihoovia (not to be confused with Outer Slobovia), we thought it was time we made some lefse.  Two people here think it is just the most wonderful stuff.  I guess it's kind of like pickled herring or lutefisk, two other Swedish/Norwegian delights.  Either you love it or you can leave it.  The lefse lovers here eat it with butter and jam on it.  To me that tastes like mashed potatoes with jam... not that I would ever top my mashed potatoes that way.  (Blech!)

The Lefse Song (sing to the tune of Camptown Ladies)

Norsky ladies sing dis song...Uff Da! Uff Da.
Bake dat lefse all day long...all da Uff Da day.
Bake it till it's almost brown...Uff Da! Uff Da.
Makes you yump yust like a clown...all da Uff Da Day.

Gonna bake all night...gonna bake all day
I'll spend my money on potatoes and flour...
To have me an Uff Da day.

Vent down town for some lutefisk...Uff Da! Uff Da!
De vedder vas so cold and brisk, all da Uff Da day.
Used my lefse for a Mackinaw...Uff Da...Uff Da
Greatest yacket I ever saw...Lefse saved da day.

Vent to town in my Model T...Uff Da...Uff Da.
Tire vent flat and I said "poor me." Vas an Uff Da day
Used dat lefse for a patch...Uff Da...Uff Da!
Now I gotta bake me anodder batch...Oh da Uff Da day.

For you non-Scandihoovians, lefse is a lot like a flour tortilla, but it's made with potatoes.

Here is my lovely lefse baker, who thinks it would be nice if we made ALL of our bready items by hand.

I think this girl is going to grow up to be a coffee-shop owner and resident baker and soup-maker. She will have a little store built on to the side of her pretty house, and the outside will be decked with bright flowers.  :)  Go, Betsy!


  1. Sven and Ole were watching the late evening news. There was a man on the ledge of a tall building and the police were trying to talk him down.

    Sven said, "Ole, do you think he's going to jump?"

    Ole said, "He's not going to jump."

    Sven said, "He is going to jump, I'm so sure of it I'll bet you five dollars."

    Ole said, "I'll take that bet, `cause I know he's not gonna jump."

    The man jumped.

    Ole got out his five dollars. Sven said, "Ole, I cannot take your money. I have a confession to make. I saw this on the news earlier, so I knew he was going to jump."

    Ole said, "Take your money, Sven. I saw it too, but I did not think he would be dumb enough to try it again."

  2. This guy, Peder, goes to the World Cup Soccer Finals. His seat is in the nosebleed section but that's OK - he's at the World Cup. So he starts looking around the stadium with his binoculars and sees a guy in one of the best seats in the stadium with an empty seat beside him. It looks like an old friend he knew when he went to school back in Norway, named Ole. This is driving Peder nuts, so finally at half time, he goes down, says hello to his old friend, and asks Ole why he has a vacant seat in such a choice location.

    Ole says, "My wife, Lena, and I bought these seats a long time ago. But unfortunately, Lena passed away."

    "Oh, I'm really sorry to hear that", Peder says, "but why didn't you give the ticket to another relative or a friend?"

    Ole replies, "Well, they're all at the funeral."

  3. How neat. Never heard of it looks neat.

  4. YUM! I did enjoy these while in the far north of MN!

  5. Okay, you're getting a little close to home here...lefse is a BIG DEAL at Christmas (too much work any other time) and we're of those afflicted ones who LOVE it...warm with butter. Oh, my.

    We also love pickled herring but can handily pass on lutefisk (we have a button that says "Just say no to lutefisk"), unless of course it has melted butter and allspice on it, in which case it's tolerable.

    In case you haven't discovered it yet, the Scandahoovians can't cook much without butter, sour cream, cream, and buttermilk. Must be they burn the calories trying to keep warm in the winter, hey?

  6. I'm glad you are embracing your new land. :-)

  7. Let's see, let's try this again. Funny song...never heard that one before. And Lena & Sven are too much...really. Amber made lefse a while back, but it was a little thicker than what we get in the store and I think I like it a bit thinner, but we eat it rolled up with butter, sugar, & cinnamon -- tastes like a quick cinnamon roll. But being I was from a German family, I never got it at home growing up...the first time I ever ate it was when one of my school teachers brought it to school for our class to try & she fixed it with butter & sugar. Yummy. Don't worry, you will never be served pickled herring or lutefisk at our place...but I think they usually have lutefisk at Peoples Cafe & at a chruch maybe around Christmastime - there will be a big ad about it in the local paper when it comes around time. Glad you are feeling right at home with the Minnesotan talk, don't ya know.


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