Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Sorry, those lyrics that were pounded into my brain a zillion times during my youth have a permanent place in there. All I remember is that line, and I don't even know what the song was about.  Probably fornication.  Most of those rock tunes are.  Either that, or a drug high.  But I digress.  

What I am actually thinking about is whether to stay, or go to the doctor.

This has always almost always been a problem for us, and it would have been a lot worse up until now except for the fact that God has given us an exceptionally healthy family.  How do you decide when to go?  I think I can recognize an emergency.  It's the non-emergency, but becoming urgent, medical situations that get me.  

Amy has had diarrhea for over a week, and although she feels starved she doesn't eat, because everything immediately goes through her.  She has lost 10 lbs that she didn't need to lose.  She had a fever early on, but only for a few hours.  She is beginning to look pale and skinny (er).  And she doesn't feel tops.  Here is my line of thinking:

Could it be food poisoning?  Probably not.  We have all eaten the same things and the rest of us are fine. A virus?  Maybe.  But weird one.  Could it be Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis or Celiac disease?  Probably not.  But what if it is?   

Maybe I should take her in. 

But if I do, that will be $125+ to see a doctor... and $???? for diagnostic tests that we can't afford, and what if they don't show anything wrong with her, in which case we will wish we had not wasted the money...

Lord Jesus, my daughter needs your healing touch, and I need your peace of mind...

I just hate it that the cost of diagnosis and treatment is a part of my decision-making.   Amy is worth way more than all the money we have.  Which isn't much.  The money, I mean, lol.

But thinking like this has kept us in the black.  I could have had kids in for tests for diabetes, Celiac, obesity, allergies, ear infections, etc, and we'd be broke just from the diagnostic testing. But patience has always proved that we didn't need it.  I think the medical industry is wacko on spending other people's money, whether that is insurance money or private funds.  I don't want money stress on top of health stress.  And I hate having to admit that I even hesitate to help my daughter because of it.  

Amy is sick... 

Have I been patient long enough?  Too patient?  Am I heartless?  Prudent?  Foolish? 


I am really good at casting my cares upon Jesus with a big rubber band attached.  They always come flying back at me. 


  1. Have you tried Acidophilus? May help. Did she go anywhere without you that she may have drank contaminated water? And before you answer no too quickly, my entire family had a nasty month long dose of cryptosporidium while we lived in KY. Same symptoms only they were also vomiting...well, a couple of them were. I never got it; weird huh? Perhaps it is some sort of bacteria in which case she would need an antibiotic.

    I totally feel your pain. I am in a similar situation with my own health. Have you looked into medicaid for your children? I know some people are opposed to it but my children would never have had insurance without it. Churches generally can't afford insurance for the family. If you go to your local office and apply, they can pre-qualify you and you can get your daughter into a dr.

    Keep her hydrated; that is important. Is she in pain? DH has Crohns and one dd has IBS...what she is experiencing doesn't sound like that. I would guess viral or some type of food or water bug. There are a lot of herbal things you could try but depending on how bad off she is, you may be teetering on the edge of really needing to take her.

    You could bring her to the ER. DH had to go once and because our income is so low, we qualified for help. We ended up owing nothing. I understand your frustration. Keep us posted and I hope she's better soon!

  2. I should have finished my KY thought....my family got it from a water main break in the middle of the night. I have no idea why I didn't get it except that the Lord knew I needed to be well to take care of everyone else. Has she gone to anyone elses house? Do you know anyone exhibiting the same symptoms? Things to think about.

  3. Thanks, Karen. She isn't that bad, just low. As her mom, I can't help feeling sorry for her. No vomiting. No pain. No contaminated water. I think it's weird she has an appetite. We have not tried the acidophilus, but I am trying to get her to eat a bit of yogurt. ??

    Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like a whiner about the money. It is what it is. I think the American poverty level guidelines are laughable. We live way below the limit for a family of six, and we are lacking nothing except a plasma TV, Netflix, some cigs, and a vacation in the Caribbean. :) Oh, and medical insurance. Having medical insurance isn't a right; it is a privilege. You are right -- as a matter of principle we don't go for the welfare bit. But thanks for the suggestions. ♥

  4. I'm fine now Sally, just tired from lack of sleep last night, so I don't have what your daughter has.

    Hmmm,it's hard to know. I'd say her losing 10 lbs. isn't something to wait too long on...she can't afford to lose any more. I doubt if it's anything serious...you know Amber had something like food poisoning when we were on our last vacation that lasted 7 or 8 days with no vomiting involved, and then she just woke up one morning perfectly fine, but she did eat some through it all, just nothing greasy. It doesn't sound like Amber had it quite as bad as Amy, but maybe it's something that is going around. Have you tried any the over-the-counter meds for diarrhea? I'd say it's looking like you might have to take her in, esp. if she is looking dehydrated, else if she gets too dehydrated, they are going to want to keep her in the hospital with an IV ya know. Perhaps try Imodium and Dramamine as a last ditch effort...you know, Dramamine & Gatorade is our cure-all around here.

  5. I'd make sure she is hydrated. That's the main concern, for sure. Some clinics have sliding scales, not a welfare thing. I know it is so hard to know when to go. We got hit with a 10,000 dollar test when we did not have insurance and it came back negative. Finally paid it off a couple years ago. :-(

  6. I'm so sorry that you are faced with this. I am praying that God gives you peace and answers. I like the clinics that have sliding scales, they may be able to help you. Please keep us all posted and I am praying for you.

  7. Oh how we can relate. ( we have no insurance, Dh haa a major medical disability, but we make too much on disability for assistance ).
    Try the Acidophilis and Ecanacia (sp)And as the others have said...keep the fluids coming.
    Praying for her!

  8. Yes, agreeing with Jenn4him, make sure she stays hydrated, and then why not try a grain-free diet for several days? I'd probably cut out dairy too (if it were one of my children), except for maybe some really good yogurt or kefir. But really, keep her hydrated!

    (I happened by while doing a little blog-hopping tonight)

  9. Oh - poor thing.
    Annie was throwing up for a couple days this week, and of course, my husband was traveling.
    When he called hom he asked if I was taking her in to the doctor. I didn't - for the same reason as you. I hate that money is a deciding factor in our medical care these days.

    We are still paying off a $300 dollar bill to have an ENT look up Joseph's nose and determine that the reason he gets frequent nosebleeds is because he has capilaries too close to the surface.... and then do nothing abouth it.

    PRAYING Amy feels better!


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