Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome to the New Diamonds in the Rough

With the disappearance of my cactus header, I hereby resolve to be done with my own prickliness.  But what part of my personality does the dragonfly represent?  They eat lots of mosquitoes, and hence I count them as one of God's wise gifts to us.  What a blessing he gave us something to keep the mosquito population down!  I don't plan on adding mosquitoes to my diet, but I do hope God will use me to bless others here in some way.

Do my new colors work on your monitor? Or are you squinting at the glare?  Falling asleep at the dull shades?  Do let me know if there is a problem for you.  My previous red was lovely here, but on my dad's computer it was quite bright.  I want you to be comfortable.  Minor adjustments to details may be made next week, and I might have to go back to my old avatar.  I kind of miss that cactus. :)

O LORD, how manifold are thy works!
In wisdom hast thou made them all.
The earth is full of thy riches.
Psalm 104:24


  1. I love the new colours and look. Keep it! Yes, dragonflies are very good for eating those pesky mosquitoes. [o=

    You will have to have a cookie with Jane and think of me even though I can be there. Ohh they have to be chocolate cookies some how. ((grin))

    Blessings and ((HUGS))!

  2. I like the new colors. Although I sort of miss the cactus :)

    I always rejoice REJOICE when I see dragonflies in my area.

  3. "But what part of my personality does the dragonfly represent?"


    Oh Sally I'm a huge fan of dragonflies! This is beautiful...the colors are perfect (green is my favorite color).
    Looks like you're getting settled in :-).

  4. Sally,

    I like your new blog header. Dragonflies are nice. The colors works well on my eyes (at least from where I am sitting). :)

    -L. Rose

  5. The colors are very nice and the dragonfly photo has a neat sand-like texture about it. We got almost 2 inches of rain here in east central mn in the last 30 hours! Cactus beware :)

  6. Lovely new look my friend. Does this mean you are officially a Minnesotan? Maybe you should use that close-up photo of the mosquito that you sent me for your avatar? lol It's funny too, I just bought a wall planter for the garden gate and guess what design is on it...a dragonfly. Maybe I should call it "Sally".

  7. Oh, it's pretty! Love the colors. Love the dragonfly! Yes, I am very grateful for anything that eats those dreadful mosquitoes. They are terrible this year with all the rain we've had. Hooray for the new DITR!

  8. I think it's pretty! The colors are more like your new home. :-) Glad you all made it there and are doing well!

  9. Very Pretty! I love dragonflies...but actually, I love ANYTHING that eats mosquitoes! ;)

    I spruced up my blog for summer, too. (You know how I love to change it up every now and then.)

    I hope your new home is as lovely as your 'new' blog. The cookies sure were a thoughtful gesture from your neighbors.

    Hoping your loving MN!

  10. The colors are very nice. I like the new look. :)


  11. Yes, I like it very much! It doesn't hurt my eyes at all.

  12. I love the bright, yellow sunshiny theme. This simply brightens any reader's day. You said you liked my blog makeover--you're the one with the welcoming blog!

  13. The new color scheme is peaceful as well as pleasing to the eye :) And I love your new header.

  14. It looks lovely. I hope you are settling in. And that you have found a nice hidey hole for your chocolate stash.


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