Monday, September 20, 2010

Summer's Last(?) Hurrah

There was some deliberation this morning about whether or not to go to the lake.  After all, the forecasted high temp for the day was only 108º.  Water temp: 76º.  With any breeze we'd be chilled to the bone!  We took our chances on the breeze.

With the boat, it's a tight squeeze .

Look at that beautiful empty beach:

Now from the other direction:

Add clean, clear water,

sand between my toes,

and five people I love:

Uh - oh.  I see another swimmer.  The beach is getting crowded.

Heading home.

I love it when school is in session.  ;)  It was the perfect day.

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Psalm 136:1


  1. Great pictures! What nice clear water. We love it too when school starts again and things clear out...not the beach of course, that closes down. 76 would be quite a warm-up for us. Too bad you got crowded off the beach. :)

  2. 108! I sure hope no one got frost bite! Love when school starts as well, no line, no waiting! We may see 72 today. The hard part is it started out at 33 this morning so it was a 39 degree jump! That is hard to take - how does one dress! Sorry the beach got so crowded - hate when that happens!!!!

  3. Is that a natural lake, Sally? How far did you say it is from you all? It looks very nice. The boat would be a big hit with my crew too. Lake Michigan is not a tame lake, so it is not good for any type of floating device save a life jacket, which I wish they'd wear!!!

  4. This is Lake Mohave, which was formed when Davis Dam was built on the Colorado River. So, yes, it's man-made, but it's all natural -- no cement bottom to it or anything like that. :) It's maybe 15 miles from us.

  5. Oh yes, a perfect day indeed! Don't we ALL know that feeling when PS starts up's like we can breathe finally.

    btw, the girls' swim dresses are lovely!

    Lori (at Plans4You)

  6. Beautiful pics! looks like fun to me!



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