Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Divided in Two -- Plus Photo Update

There are very mixed feelings here, ranging from nervousness to confidence to sadness to excitement to sheer panic (those are just my own emotions, lol), as I am getting packed up to make a quick flight to my mom and dad's tomorrow.  Alone.  The girls share all my sentiments except for possibly the excitement.  My dear dad contracted pneumonia a few weeks ago, and when he fell while trying to get into bed, he either sustained or aggravated a compression fracture in his back.  He has spent the last two weeks convalescing in a rehab center and is now home.

My sweet husband said, "You need to go be with your mom and dad," and before I knew it, he had bought me an airline ticket.  My travels plans were perfectly timed by the Lord, since we didn't know when Dad would be released.  I will be gone nearly a week to help out at home, maybe do a house project with Mom, and just be there.  I can't remember being alone with my own parents since... before I was married.  A looong time ago.  My husband and I have not been apart for more than five days.  [Correction: He reminded me that we were apart for ten days not too terribly long ago.  "...and they seemed unto him (her) but a few days, for the love he (she) had to her (him)."  Just reverse the pronoun genders there.  That must have been the case with me.) :)  My girls and I have not been apart for more than two nights.  Not for a week.  I already know I am going to cry when I say goodbye to all of them tomorrow afternoon.  I have promised to call every night to say goodnight and to bless my girls.  I did the laundry, mopped the floors, changed the sheets, cleaned the bathroom, taped a note to the freezer stating its contents, and arranged for a substitute Sunday School teacher.

Emily has a Sadness Tummy Ache. I advised her to DO something other than lie down and feel sad.  Like what, Mom? Make something.  (What was I saying?? I am trying to pack and keep my head on straight, and I suggested she make something!  Guaranteed, whatever she comes up with will be something way beyond her ability.)

She decided to make something for her ailing Grampy.  An Emily doll.  This means I draw it and cut it out, draw around the edges so she knows where to stitch, and help her with the sewing machine.  She will stuff it.  I will sew the opening shut (maybe I can get her to do that) and use a marker to outline the face and arms.  She will color it.  And it will be her project that she did "all by herself" for her Grampy. :D One last exercise in Meek and Quiet Spirit before I go.  Finished product to come.

The LORD watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another. Genesis 31:49

*   *   *   *   *

All done! No more tummy ache. ;)


  1. Oh Sally, when will you ever learn, LOL? It sounds like this trip might be a a bit of rest for you as well. So when you call, do you actually pray blessings upon each girl? That is neat! I will miss you, but have a good trip! (One month, One Month!!!!)

  2. Sally, I know that will be hard on everyone, but I'm sure you'll be blessed and a blessing to your parents.

    BTW, your blog looks terrific! I'm going to have to have you teach me!

  3. I say Numbers 6:24-26 to each of them every night. That's so that when I die, they will think of me whenever they hear it. :)

    And Jane, no need to miss me. I'll be around! I'll even try to write a post while I'm gone. And cbox, of course, of course.

  4. Thank you, Kristen. I doubt I know anything you don't already know about template fun, but if I do I'll be happy to coach!

  5. Praying for safe travels for you and a good time to those at home.

  6. I know you will be a huge blessing to your parents! So glad you can go.

  7. Praying for you and your family as you travel, Sally. I'm sure you will be a blessing and be blessed yourself!

    Emily's doll is cute! Great job!


  8. Awwww that doll is so precious (and so is the one she made) ;-)

    I am so sorry to hear that your dad is ailing. I pray that he gets well soon, and that your visit is just the thing he needs to cheer him.

  9. Oh, what a beautiful gift! And bless you, Sally, for having that meek and quiet spirit moment to help her, on top of everything else you had to do!


  10. Oh my!I pray all is well with your family while you're with your mom and dad. What a blessing to have such a wonderfully intuitive husband and Emily's gift is precious :-)!
    Blessings to you and yours! Julie

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