Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SpellQuizzer Giveaway!!

A few months ago(!) I was asked to review SpellQuizzer software.  SpellQuizzer is a nifty piece of programming that helps kids learn their spelling and vocabulary words.  We have used it several different ways, and my latest brainstorm is to use SpellQuizzer for drilling math facts.  But wait, first things first!

SpellQuizzer has no frills, no loud music, no dancing bunny rabbits (unlike some annoying kids' educational software).  Either make up a list of spelling words which complements your own spelling curriculum, or import a pre-made list from the SpellQuizzer website or forum.

Here's what you do:  Create a new list by giving it a title.

Emily's Spelling 1

Enter a word: Wednesday

The form asks if the word is case-sensitive.  In this case, yes.

At this point you can either give a written clue for the word to be spelled, or you can record the word to be played back when your child is practicing his spelling words.  I didn't have a working microphone, so for the word Wednesday I gave the written clue, "the day before Thursday". You can see how this program lends itself nicely to vocabulary words!  Later I started a list of spelling words for one of my older children, and easily recorded the words to be spelled.

When your child spells the word right, SpellQuizzer goes on to the next word without fanfare.  If he spells the word incorrectly, SpellQuizzer shows both the correct and incorrect spelling, so your student can see his error. After going through the entire list SpellQuizzer gives the missed words again. If the child spells every word in the list correctly he is rewarded with the sound of cheering!   You have the option to change the sound at the end of a 100% correct list.

I especially like the option of importing spelling lists.  We will be working on the books of the Bible, the fifty states, Dolch sight words, and frequently misspelled words according to grade level.

You can also improvise and use SpellQuizzer to drill math facts or to sharpen your kids' mental math skills.  Instead of entering a new spelling word, enter a number.  Give an audio clue or a written clue.  For example, let the "spelling word" be 39.  The clue is 3x13.  Or it could be 3x9+12.

Since my kids aren't accustomed to a lot of bells and whistles, they like using SpellQuizzer.  It's a lot more fun that drilling words orally or writing them over and over again!  Every kids likes to do school on the computer, and this is something even your youngest scholars can do. My own kids would enjoy a small reward for each word spelled correctly, rather than applause at the very end.   And I would find it helpful if SpellQuizzer would track my children's progress.  The community forum is a good place to make suggestions, borrow lists from other users, and share your own.

Visit this SpellQuizzer page to view video demos or to download a free 30-day trial.

OR, leave a comment here to register to win a license to download a free SpellQuizzer program for your own homeschool! 

I will conduct a random drawing for the winner at NOON, Arizona time (that's Mountain Standard Time, for now) on Wednesday, February 10th.  Be sure to leave me a way to contact you!

Happy spelling!

EDIT:  Dan at SpellQuizzer just told me how I can add a "hip hooray!" for each correctly spelled word!  He has also notified me that he plans to have reporting capability in the new SpellQuizzer 2.0 this fall!  I just love good customer service, don't you?


  1. That program sounds awesome. A friend of mine is hospitalized with cancer and such a program could be helpful for her homeschooling. When we visited her last week she was working up the schedule while she took chemo. If won, could the license go to her? Thanks!!

  2. I'm reviewing SpellQuizzer too (so please don't put my name in your contest lol). I really like the idea of using it for studying math facts. We are currently studying multiplication facts, and I am definitely going to start using it for that now. Thanks for the great idea. When I write my review, I'll make sure I link back to you as the one who came up with that idea. :)


  3. This looks great! Please enter the Snider clan :-)! BTW, Aubrey competes in our regional spelling bee this Thursday. Would you please pray for her to have peace while up on the stage. She gets so nervous and we want her to enjoy herself. She can be such a perfectionist that it's difficult for her to enjoy the process.

    We're starting to dry out, the snow is nearly gone but Monday evening we're expecting more :-(. I really don't know how Plain Jane and the others up north get used to's so dismal. My two youngest are nearly climbing the walls because they neeeed to run and play, but we're all holed up inside ((sigh)).

    Oh well, we will be that much more excited about spring! Could be worse!

    Blessings Johnson Family! Julie


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