Saturday, December 26, 2009

Xtranormal Report

This is awesome.  Elisabeth found a creative way to give a report. 

(Too bad there isn't a better wardrobe selection for the characters.)  You never knew reports were so fun, did you? 


  1. Fantastic report! Did she write it and then type it into this program? You're right about those clothes...short, short skirt! And why the HUGE hands :-) (LOL)!

    We have the acorn tops and I need to get them in the mail. We've been snowed in. I can't even get out of the drive! Our church has canceled services for tomorrow. The whole state got hit pretty hard. We're not used to this kind of weather...we're more used to severe thunderstorms, large hail, and tornadoes (LOL)!

    Blessings, Julie

  2. you're right! it is AWSOME!! what a clever idea and fun, too! you're sooo schmart, betz.

  3. LOL, how fun is that? Yep, I think Betsy has found her knack. I like the wild applause at the end but noone in the classroom. Too bad she can't change her outfit - I think that company is really on to something if it only gave the speech writer a few options. Very cool!

  4. Great job! I am going to show this to my students. Thanks.



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