Monday, August 31, 2009

August in Review

First of all, this was the month I was going to begin learning how to be the prudent wife.  I'm a late bloomer, okay?  One of the great things about homeschooling is that EVERYONE is learning, right?  And we never stop.  So even though I just turned forty-something years old, it's not too late for me.  I started the choystercash couponing class.  Week One had to do with freebies from Rite-Aid.  We don't have a local Rite-Aid, so I got the week off.  This is Week Two.  This week's deals are Walgreens deals, $50 worth of free stuff.  I am still looking at the list and trying to get through the brain fog.  You do have to pay for this stuff, but you get money back to use on later purchases.   I can see that I am going to have to be real wise (and brainy) about how to shop Walgreens if I do this.  Will I actually save money, or will I just spend more on stuff we don't normally buy?  I'll let you know what happens.  Come on, someone join me on this class so we can compare notes!

Okay, August.  We started school.  The first day was horrid, but things are now much improved, almost wonderful.  Here we are actually studying, well, three-fourths are studying.  The remaining fourth is playing...

Some dear friends in Minnesota sent us this stuff in a box.  My husband ran when he saw it, but the girls thought it was great!  We are eagerly anticipating a visit from the PlainJane family, and we are brushing up on our Minnesotan: "You betcha", "hot dish", and "Do you want to come with?" 

I have been gaining a small interest in lentils, beans, and unusual grains for their nutritional value.  As we are not big cooked lentil fans, I tried spouting some.  Lentil sprouts are supposed to be REALLY good for you (translation -- probably bad-tasting).  Surprise!  They taste good!  Kind of like a cross between bean sprouts and snow peas.  We girls all enjoyed snacking on them.  (Dad didn't -- he preferred his hidden M&M's.) You don't need a sprouter.  Just soak about 1/2 cup of lentils overnight in plenty of water.  In the morning, rinse very well and pour the lentils into a colander lined with a clean dishtowel.  Cover with the overlapping part of the towel, then run water over the whole thing.  Set the colander in a bowl to catch the drips.  Do this again each evening and morning for two or three days.  When your lentils have sprouted, rinse them well, drain, and refrigerate in a zip-lock bag.  They are a great snack or addition to a green salad.  And when you are tired of snacking on them, you can have your little kids plant some.   They come up super fast.

Elisabeth has been spending much time at Build-a-Bearville, and desired a real Build-a-Bear so bad it hurt.   We are lucky enough NOT to have a Build-a-Bear store nearby ($!$!$!), but since we were going to go to California for my birthday last week, I did a bit of research and found a store reasonably close to my parents' home.  Betsy spent her own money on a very cute bunny and the special code that will allow her to spend even more time at Build-a-Bearville.    She is now a Junior Cyberguide and "owns" a beautiful home in Build-a-Bearville.

From there we went to Balboa Island for a fun day by the ocean.  I got a pair of Crocs sandals -- what a relief to my poor diabetic feet -- in a neat little clothing and accessories store called "Fresh Produce".  What a funny name for a clothing store!  Then I got home and looked up Crocs on eBay...   LOL!  Oh well, next time I'll get them online.  But my feet were thanking me all that day.  Wouldn't you know Crocs is going out of business?

From there we rode the little ferry to the Fun Zone,

where my folks treated the girls, but especially Emily, to a ferris wheel ride:

And the carousel:

Then we had lunch at Ruby's on the pier and met this guy:

One evening we took a walk along Alamitos Bay

And found these,

and watched the sun set (you didn't know the ocean runs downhill, did you? lol!):

And the girls did some more artsy stuff at Grammy's:

I had a wonderful birthday with people who love me! I'm sure there's more, but this post is long enough already.

And here is my project for September:


  1. Hmmm, your project looks very similar to mine. Problem is it seems to get cleaned up and organized and within a couple of weeks it quickly becomes a project again.

    Thanks for the beach pictures, I so needed that. The ocean is so refreshing and I'm already longing to go back. Looks like the girls had a great time and yes it's wonderful to be surrounded by those who love you best.

    There was something else I wanted to mention but quite typically it has slipped my mind!

    Blessings to you and yours, Sally!

    Julie (oldschoolmarm)

  2. Those M&M's were not in hiding, but rather a birthday present that was not public domain.

    And they were much tastier than sprouts.

    Just not as healthy.

  3. blessingsundreamtofSeptember 1, 2009 at 3:02 AM

    I really would join you on the coupon thing, but my poor brain just can't take in any more information currently or it will crash from some type of default overload!!!! Wow, your birthday looked amazing!!! Looks like your school year is off to a great start... and I understand those days where you crash and burn... that was our day yesterday. However, everyone (although still crispy around the edges) is recovering nicely today!



  4. Looks like you've had a great time! Your pictures are cool.


  5. Crocs is going out of business? Oh dear. My kids wear nothing else in the summer and for as long as they can in the fall. Your trip to CA looked like an educational one. I would love to take my kids to the ocean. Maybe one day. Right now we are enjoying close-by attractions, as you know. We are heading to a favorite state park to camp this weekend. Oh how I hope the rain stays away!


  6. blessingsundreamtofSeptember 2, 2009 at 4:47 AM

    No, I had never even heard of Ed Dunlap. I was a bit impressed by how many free book downloads he offers. Thanks for the info. Hope your couponing is going better.



  7. Wow, prudent and sprouty, what a gal! Sorry, I'd prefer paying full price. teehe.

    Sooo, what do you say instead of "Want to come with?" lol, I've said that so long I don't even know what is proper. Also, don't forget, when we take something out of the freezer, we take it out to "unthaw".

    Awww, now I really want to come see you guys - but I haven't got a plan.

    Love the vacation photos, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! So Crocs is going out of business? That is surprising since I see everyone except me is wearing them. Maybe I should run to Ridgedale and pick up a pair before they disappear - you want a another pair? What size? Color?

  8. Good luck with that September project! I'm not about to post a picture of mine! ;-)

    I do the CVS shopping thing (like Walgreens) and have saved a lot of money! I will ONLY buy the things we use.

  9. I enjoyed getting caught up with you. I didn't realize you are diabetic.

    Hope your week is going great.



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