Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just Checking In

"In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin."  Somehow I believe that if you have nothing much to say, you are best off not saying anything, and that is where I have been lately.  Even today there isn't much in my heart or brain that really needs telling...

We are a few days closer to the end of the school year than we were last year, hooray.  Yesterday I was ready to send two of the rotten lovely children to public school just so they could appreciate being homeschooled. But with my luck these two would have loved PS and would never have wanted to come home, lol.  So.  That option is out.  We definitely need more structure, and the girls need a teacher who NEVER lets them get away with ANYTHING, because I am paying big time for being a softie.  You know, in school, you don't get to skip any of the problems just because you already know how to do them, and you have to answer all the "answer in a full sentence" questions, and you wouldn't think of whining to the teacher, "Please, do we HAVE to do this page??", and the teacher doesn't do the work for you.  Someday I may write a best-selling book on all the "don'ts" of parenting/homeschooling, based on personal experience.

This afternoon my older two are going to pose as volunteers for the Scholastic Book Fair in town.  They  can't be official volunteers because they are underage, but the lady is very short-handed, and a friend of mine who IS an official volunteer is going to adopt them for the afternoon.  If a volunteer mom brings her kids along, there isn't much the Scholastic lady can do about that, is there?  So A&A are looking forward to stocking books and straightening up stuff and helping customers, and, no doubt, reading a few books!

Our third annual homeschoolers' recital is tomorrow night, one of those things kids are forced to do, as my children attest, for the sake of their proud parents.  We will have a nice variety of instrumentalists and ensembles and reciters of poetry/scripture for our listening pleasure.  Only three of the kids who are participating are taking music lessons, and I think it is fun to see how the others improve on their own. Our group has grown from eight participants the first year to eighteen this year!  I am excited.

So.  That's about all the news.  Not really, but I am getting ready to post my Month in Review for April, and you wouldn't want me to spoil anything. 


  1. Glad you checked in with all of us, we miss hering from you. Looking forwarded to the review of April post. Lynn Marie

  2. Sounds like a typical homeschool if you ask me. I'm usually the one that says, "don't bother writing out all that stuff," lol, or I'll ask for a sentence, and Anna gives me a whole story.

    Hope all goes well with the recital. I'm glad it is growing! You guys really do need more music teachers down there. Make sure to take pictures!

  3. foxvalleyfamilyMay 1, 2009 at 6:12 AM

    Sounds just like my house! ;-)

    I agree - I would love to send them just for a week so they could see 'how good they've got it.'

    But...since that's not an option I'll persevere, and remind them of Philippians 2:14-15.

    (That usually works...for about 10 minutes)

    Hang in there! :-)



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