Saturday, March 7, 2009

Practicing What He Preaches

We have been in Proverbs on Thursday nights and have spent several weeks on the "strange woman".  The preacher (Monocogman) was talking about that woman in Proverbs chapter seven, the one who lures a lamebrain young man into lust and loss.  And he was talking about the man of the house, who was gone a long journey, and the fact that his wife, the strange woman, was lacking affection from her husband (not that that excuses her behavior, but it might help explain it.). Then he got on to preaching about men showing affection to their wives and daughters, because without that the ladies just might go looking for it elsewhere.  You know, as in, the husband ought to give his wife flowers once in a while (among other things).  He looked real sheepish as the words came out of his mouth, and I just had to laugh.   So tonight you know what he brought home.

What a guy.

Monocogman also brought donuts home for breakfast -- for the girls, he said.    Gotta keep all us girls close to home!


  1. I got a NASCAR book prior to that. He knows I enjoy that and it was given out of love. Maybe not as 'romantic', but I enjoyed it.


  2. diamondsintheroughMarch 7, 2009 at 4:21 PM

    That counts. Any gift counts!

  3. It's nice to get flowers sometimes. I really like it when I'm not expecting anything.

    I also liked the reasons I love my husband. Very sweet!

  4. Awwwww. ;-) Is that the picture of the flowers he brought you? I love pink roses. :-) Ya gotta love a guy who can be humbled by his own preaching.

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog :) We go to a United Pentecostal Church. I met a lady in my homeschool group who seemed so much like me--- always wears dresses, long hair, no Easter or Christmas (my church celebrates, but my family doesn't). Anyway, turns out that lady is independent Baptist, too. I think it is interesting. :)

  6. That was sweet!

    I remember once some friends of ours (highly regarded church leaders)... it was before church service and the young teenage daughter rested her head on her dad's shoulder. Soon the dad nudged her away and said, "Don't lean on me, I'm not your fencepost". Oh, that cut like a knife. I thought, if she can't lean on her daddy, where is she going to go for affection? She is no longer homeschooled, but goes to a Christian school and oh my, what a change - the excess make-up & fashion choices - she's trying to get attention some way. Very sad.

  7. Donuts and flowers! Wow, I wish Tim would stumble over here and read this. Actually he is pretty good about "gifts" I just wish at times he were more discerning at to when to give them. We can't have it all, the bible also teaches us to be content in all things :-).

    Blessings, Julie

    For some reason I have a hankerring for a donut right now :-)!

  8. My husband showed up at my work yesterday with a Dunachino (1/2 coffee, 1/2 hot chocolate) for me. Boy was that nice! It was snowing outside. The other thing it does is show the single woman I work with that there are nice men out there and they should look for the nice ones. Great post.

  9. That's a cute story!

    what a sweet guy you got there! My honey is so thoughtful, too (except...for some reason... his gifts always seem to be high in calories - lol.) I appreciate them none-the-less. ;-)



  10. InChristsGreatCauseMarch 11, 2009 at 12:38 PM

    Hi. I added you to my friends. (But we're already friends... so???) I don't know what I'm doing!!!!

  11. tinderheartedteenMarch 11, 2009 at 2:18 PM

    I hate to say it Mrs. J but its unlikely. they need me too much around here.

  12. Hey Sally - I have not been able to consistently exercise at all since the year started. :-/ I was sick with three different things for the first 6 weeks, then the kids went through it, then the baby went through a phase where she was crying most of the night, then Darin was working weird hours....I THINK things might be calming down over here...not sure yet. Since I haven't been able to exercise regularly yet, I have taken extra measures to eat less. No more seconds, and I only make a dessert once/week. And no seconds of that, either! ;-) Doing this, I have lost 5 pounds! Woohoo!

  13. Hey, I saw that you were online and thought I'd check on you. Sounds like a romantic time amongst the diamonds over your way--how sweet.


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