Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday All Day

This morning I woke up with a loudly growling stomach, the first time since last Thursday.  I think that means the flu is finally gone. Whoohoo!  Those four pounds I lost didn't go far -- three of them have come home and the fourth one is probably not far behind. 

I am running late, as usual, and using the blog as an effective avoidance technique.  School is awaiting me... for devotions this morning we will watch one of SM Davis's DVD's, "The Influence of Older Children on Younger Ones". 

Normally we read a chapter of the Bible together, and a read-aloud or two. Currently we are working on The Wheel on the School and are enjoying it very much, but we lost interest in Landmark's Traders and Trappers.  I read a good review of some kids' books by Gloria Whelan.  Has anyone read her St. Petersburg books?

We have a beautiful clear sky today, the result of glorious rain in the desert.  And SNOW, lots of snow in the local mountains again!!  It's very pretty from far away.   But these desert dwellers don't know how to manuever in snow, and the snowbirds don't know how to manuever on snowy mountains.  The pass was closed yesterday after a plethora of accidents. 

LATER:  We did not watch more than five minutes' worth of "The Influence of Older Children on Younger Ones", due to a multitude of interruptions that made good attention impossible: nose blowing, dishwasher noise, conversation, microwave noise, spoons clanging mugs as they stirred hot cocoa, and finally, several "BE QUIET!"s.  We decided to go back to the old standard and try again another day.  Too funny and too sad:  The point at which we made that decision came immediately after the point where Dr. Davis says older siblings must take care not to use harsh, critical language with their younger siblings.  Since we have three older sisters in this house, AND because I, myself, was and still am a guilty big sister, I made sure to reiterate that point before we continued.

So Deuteronomy 17 it was for today.  My DH used to preach from this chapter a lot, back when we were on the road representing a KJB scripture-printing ministry.  Did you know that when the children of Israel chose a king, that king was supposed to make a copy of the scriptures for himself by hand, read them every day, and follow them?  What a different country we would have today if our presidents had followed this practice.  Our citizens, too, for that matter!

Well, it's now after lunch time, and we have only accomplished math today.  Why is it that when you really need to have a good, solid school day, it seems everything in the world is bound to foil your plans??  lol. Oh well.  At least I know that when my kids graduate they will be able to read and make change.  Maybe they can get jobs at McDonalds or WalMart. LOL. No, they're smarter than that, and wiser, too.  Thank the Lord.  (I refuse to worry about it.)


  1. I'm going to guess you actually meant KJV. Although, the other would make for an interesting story. ;-)

    I'm glad you are feeling better. Being sick is such a pain when you have everything else you need to do.

  2. roflmho!!! Yes, that's what I meant. I thought things were going too well this morning with only hot chocolate and no coffee. That should always be a warning to me...:-D

    I'm with you on the second hand but since she was building a new room I figured she'd want new stuff. I kept thinking, though, that if someone gave me 1500 to spend on stuff for a room I'd just buy a comfy chair, a table & a lamp. Then I'd use the other 1400 to buy books. I can sleep on the floor just fine, thanks. :-)

  3. LOL on the street sign. I'm not sure how I would do on the mtn. roads around there - I get very nervous around drop offs/edges - I just know my brakes would go out just at the wrong time.

    Yes, I love that passage too about the king scribing Scripture - I never thought of that before, I mean we do scribe Scripture in our family, but wouldn't that be something if all the US Presidents were required to do that as well. Let's send a bill to Congress and start with the current President!

  4. 10% grade is a manly grade to climb.

    That would be fun to go up, and more fun to ride down.

  5. we LOVED Wheel on the School!!!!

    We just got back from playing in the snow in our local AZ mountain range. It was fun, but I'm cold now. I should make soup for dinner :)


  6. Oh Sally I'm so glad you're feeling better!

    We too are currently reading (read-aloud) The Wheel On the School and I love how simple yet sweet the story is. I thought it would be a great book as we are doing a unit on birds right now but have found that actually the story is about appreciating others and working together. A great book for us as I am constantly harping on the subject of unity in our family :-).

    We finally got the computer cleaned up and hopefully I can start getting back to this on a regular basis.

    Blessings, Julie

  7. Oh man...I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better.

    I'm just waiting for us to get it, as it has been 'going around' here, as well. :-p

    Take care & get some more rest!



  8. That looks like a good video. Natalie (7) is very good with the baby (1), but not very good with the one right down from her (5). They argue and try to boss each other to no end. We talk about servant leadership and taking care of ones smaller than you, but it's a constant battle. Plod on. Plod on.


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