Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Month in Review -- December

I promised you last month that we would have a more homeschool-ish month, this.  At the time I was thinking about the "school" part of that word, but actually it is the "home" part which we really enjoy, and which is really more noteworthy!  And after all, our best lessons are from life itself.

In December:

We got up with the sun.  It rained that afternoon.

Red sky at night
Sailor's delight
Red sky at morning
Sailors take warning


We visited our local cram-packed craft shop.  Crafty Booklover is into drawing, making cards, making wee felt dolls, and making something else I can't mention here because someone's birthday is coming up, and she wouldn't want her friend to know what she is getting.

Emily made a clock, all by herself!

We preached (not me, my DH) and sang at the nursing home.

When she discovered her new unit in Rod and Staff's geography was about Japan, Carrotlover (who, with her sister, Booklover, Hates textbook reading and questions) cried with frustration and disinterest.  But the stealthy mother quietly tossed some good library picture books with Japanese settings into the living room book basket. At lunch time Carrotlover arranged a private Japanese dining room scene for herself, complete with low table, cushion to kneel on,  a set of make-shift chopsticks, and some green "tea".  I, of course, being the great mom that I am, contributed a couple of rice balls and a slice of bacon served on a banana leaf platter, and an authentic oriental tea pot and cup. Well, nothing that fun could stay private for long.  She ended up sharing her table (and her rice) with her sister.  

Booklover demonstrated what she learned in Robert Krampf's science class.

We baked our best ever, most favorite cookies, Chocolate Peppermint Cremes. As you can see, they don't last long!

After working up to 70 wpm on the qwerty keyboard, Alizona decided to learn the Dvorak keyboard.  She is up to 30 wpm on Dvorak, and her brain is now entirely scrambled, lol.  Dvorak is faster, and it drives her crazy that it was not set as the standard.  But no one uses it, so what is a girl to do?

Two of our resident artists were busy at work:


Go here for more art by Amy.

We helped our elderly friend get her groceries.

And we celebrated yet ANOTHER birthday! Carrotlover turned nine. I am suffering the mother's aging-children syndrome.  One more in January, then we will be done with kid birthdays around here until next October.

We enjoyed a bit of snow -- from a distance.

We spent some time on a small farm, with some little, adorable, one-day-old goat kids.  I discovered that although NOTHING will grow on our lot except cactus, it IS possible for some people to grow all manner of veggies here.  Especially those who are on higher elevations. At this time of year, this hobby farm produces broccoli, onions, winter squash, collards, carrots, and many different fruit trees, plus alfalfa to feed some of the farm-y animals who live on the one acre: sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, pheasants,  bees, two BIG dogs, and five barn cats. That was a blast!  For the full story and photos, see here, at Alizona's blog. 

The six of us consumed twenty-one POUNDS of sweet clementines!   Well?  They're better for us than fudge!!  When I saw them priced at $2.50 for a three-pound bag, I grabbed up a couple of arm loads. They have been soooo good this year!

What month would be complete without a trip or two or three, or more, to the library?  Amy, this is the little kids' section!

AND, congratulate Monocogman for making his goal of 4000 on- and off-road cycling miles this year! Whoohoo!! (Due to his injury his goal was reduced this year, but he is still very manly, and he is still my hero!)   Will he go for 4600 next year?  100 miles for each year of his life.  I can't wait to see what he is going to do when he is eighty-seven, LOL.

We only have a few hours of December left to go.  If anything exciting happens, I'll let you know next month!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Thou crownest the year with thy goodness;
Psalm 65:11



  1. Just joking of course!!


  2. don't i get credit for donating the pop bottles to a worthy cause??? By the way, I have two more to donate.


  3. Good job Monocogman! Amazing anyone could get that many miles on such a cheap single speed bicycle. Also heard you wrecked the Haro and had to sent it back to the factory. But congrats anyhow.

  4. Happy New Year! Good post. God bless you!!

  5. dear mommy

    ilove you amd all the thing's you hav gave me



  6. Wow Sally this post was jam-packed with lots of activities. I guess we forget that we do so much in a month's time! The picture of your husband preaching with the girls at the piano in the background speaks volumes. When seeing this I can't help but feel all the academics sort of pale in comparison. You and your husband are doing a great job instilling in your girls what is truly important.

    The trip to the farm looked like so much fun (I checked Allizona's blog out). Baby goats are sweet.

    I hope all of you had a wonderful time last night. The party we went to turned into watching the latest video (DVD) releases of PG movies fest. Needless to say, I wasn't a happy partier as I had to deal with lots of innappropriate junk thrust into my five-year-olds face. It's funny how even in Christian circles we have to take a stand sometimes. Although, I still came out looking like a stick in the mud, LoL.

    Blessings for a new year to you and yours!


  7. Wow, great post. I love Emily's clock - I could use those extra hours. And I love the picture of Pastor and the girls at the nursing home!

    Jeff wishes he could put in as many miles on his bike in a year - he has over 2,000, but he says he probably has more x-country skiing miles in than Monocogman. lol

  8. What a wonderful recap of your month. I enjoy getting glimpses into other homeschoolers lives. I appreciate you taking the time to share with me a snapshot of yours.



  9. Happy Birthday, Carrotlover! ( we have 2 more birthdays in Jan. and Feb.and then we get a break until October, too. It's a relief isn't it?!) ;-)

    You definitely have some talented young artist, there!

    Those little felt dolls are just adorable. Thank you for that link - My oldest will LOVE making some of those.

    and those cookies look oh so good. The clementines look good too...but boy do I have sweet tooth these days! ;-)




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